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3 point linkage, "MODERN" Rotavator is designed for tractors from 30 to 75 H.P. (4 Ft. to 8 Ft.) atthe PTO shaft. Side chain drive is provided but Gear drive can also be available on demand. Drive Shaft is made of H. C. Steel. Depth of tillage is upto 15 cm which is controlled by side arms. Regulated by means of skids. The degree of tri torsion is controlled by means of the rear shield

Rotary Cutter (MOD 9002-07)
Featuring formed decks and full-lenght strong back construction. It is best choice in a cutter for any mediummduty mowing jobs in plain area. These are made in 5,6,7, ft. size and are designed to cut material upto 2-inches in diameters, H.C. Steel cutting blade is in two pieces jointed, and are movable, which is very helpful in operation, while there is any sticking on the way. Very useful for grounds, airport track area, gardens and ideal land.

Digger/ Pole HoleDigger (MOD 9002-02)
The "MODERN" planetary drive Diggtr is built to deliver outstanding performance in many industrial, commercial or extreme agricultural applications including digging in soil, tree plantation, pole digger, and others.
The Auger is available in size from 9" upto 36". While making order of Auger, please specify the size of Auger otherwise 20" Auger is generally supplied. Auger is made of high Carbon steel and the housing (Cutter) is made of 3/8" H.C. Steel for great strength.

Cultivator (MOD 9002-03)
The frame of Cultivator is made of MS Chane!' Heavy duty spring loaded tines mounted on sturdy steel frame provide excellent trash clearance with deeper penetration. Constant tine vibration shatter the sub soil to let roots and moisture penetrate deep into it. Made by the latest technique. This is a durable and longlife investment. Available in 9-17 tines or any other size and design on requirement.

Disc Harrow (MOD 9002-04)
Famous for their VERSATILlTY-------­MANOEUVARABILITY. Offset Disc Harrow is designed to fit on small & big tractors with rear hook or drawbar. Although it is well within HP of most of the smaller tractors, penetration is assured by the combination of weight & design. Thus ruggedly built offset Disc Harrow is easier operated, transporting well work close to trees, ena bl i ng the tractor to operate in the open where it well not interfear the fruits of branches. The amount of offset is limited by the capacity of tractor to control side draught. The Harrow is sturdily constructed with an exceptionally strong frame of welded angle steel. The components include the dust proof double tapper roller bearings with pressure greesing point. Trouble free bearings prolong life and minimise loss of power. The Harrow are available with 10-24 Disc Harrow. An also be supplied with notched Discs infront gange wheels are provided at rear gange for easy & safe transportation. Tandom Disc Harrow is also available.

Disc Plough
Rugged and sturdy "MODERN" Disc Plough is a versatile implement totally suited for tough soil conditions. Heat treated steel disc are mounted on double heavy duty precision taper roller bearing. A choice of three working angles for the disc and lateral shift on cross shaft enables optimum setting under extreme conditions. Individual disc scrapers are adjustable to meet any soil condition and ensure proper trash coverage. Working depth is controlled by Tractor hydraulics.

It is supplied in 1 and 3 tines depends upon the H.P. of tractor. It shatters hard compacted soil layers. It allows the moisture, air and nutrients to penetrate deeper. It save water; Avoid surface wetting and run off, retain moisture. It helps the crop roots to reach down deeper for stored water. Use of Chiseller, change the nature of soil for better yield and more crops.

Zero Till Drill
As, it is a time of very competition in price and quality in global market, Modern's Zero Till Drill, is a symbol to reduce the expenditure in farming. This a very unique, economical and useful machine, which is used to sow the crop directly without the various other tillage operations just harvest the crop and do sowing directly without any cultivation. By means, it saves the time, fuel and considerable cost as compare to conventional practices, which is a major part of expenditures in farming. By use of this machine no need to make burning or removing of unwanted residues or weeds. Thus, it saves from air & fire pollution and soil physic-chemical properties. It also helps in restoring the soil health by enhancing the organic matters contents improving the soil physic-chemical properties. If needed, it can also sow the crop in cultivated soil as well. So it is double purpose machine mainly for sowing in without cultivated land and otherwise in cultivated soil also.

Disc Harrow
This design of Disc Harrow is mounted offset Disc Harrow and can be operated as trailing Disc Harrow as well. Taper Roller bearings are used which can be greased by grease gun from the grease nipple. Normally 22" or 24" Discs are used but can be supplied as per demand of the shape & size of Disc blade. The frame of Disc Harrow is adjustable to control the depth of Disc in operation. It is made to last, designed for ease of operation and deliver outstanding performance; year after year. In front Gange, Notched Discs can be provided and is possible to make as per the design of needs.

Folding Cultivator
Folding Cultivator Tillers are made usually 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, &21 tines and can be supplied as per order. These are made in spring loaded as well as without springs. In spring loaded Cultivators the design is heaving toggle assembly and in direct linkage design, quality consciousness is observed as strength wise. The tines used are forged tines, reversible shovels of H.C. steel and nut & Bolts are of ny lock and of best quality.


Bed Planter:-
Modern’s Bed Planter is used for drilling of seed of multi crops in 8 rows (4 rows on each bed). There is an extra box for fertilizer fitted with machine to drill the fertilizer, 3” on the side of the seed 3” deeper than seed. It is three point linkage machines, which is very useful for drilling of seed & fertilizer on the beds which saves water for irrigation in the water panel and helps to increase the productions of crops by proper water to the seed. By use of this machine there is saving of 50% of seed & fertilizer and it gives 50% more production of crops – yield.

Maize & Pea Planter
Maize planter is four rows planter filled with inclined plates for seed metering and placement. The planter is also having a fertilizer box filled with fluted roller system for fertilizer application. There is depth control system filled filed with wheels. The fertilizer is poured 3” on the side & 3” deeper than seed in each row. The planter is having 3 point linkage attachment with tractor. The distance of rows and seed to seed is adjustable.

Modern's Reaper
TThe machine is fitted in the front of tractor to cut the multiple crops like wheat, mustered and others. While operating the machine is it cut the crops & brings it to one side of tractor, which is manually collected to tie in bundles for threshing. By use of machine it save time and cost of labour and to be safe from the whether problems.

Modern's Scraper

Tractor Scraper is very useful for leveling of unleveled land. It is also used to fill the pits by bringing soil/sand from another place. The scraper is too attached behind to any tractor. When the bucket of scraper is filled with soil/sand pull the chain by to empty the bucket. The machine is made from heavy material which can be used in any kind of soil.

Automatic Potato Planter

The planter is having two rows of potato plantation on the ridges. The size of potato may be 1”-2.5”. The potatoes goes to the steel cups fitted on rubber belt and when the rubber belt is rotated by the rear wheel, chain and shaft, the potato automatically fell down in the pipe which is fitted in the centre of ridge. By this planter there is no missing of potato seed during operation. It also saves the cost of labour and fuel, because it works more than manual or semi automatic planter. Modern’s automatic potato planters are successfully working since 1975.

Mold Bold Plough (MOD 9002-01)

It is a rough & tough model of MOLD BOLD PLOUGH. Available in 1, 2,3, & 4 Forrow. On demand, can be supplied a reversible M.B. Plough very useful for heavy, stony, rooty and uncultivated soils. The chisel fitted on the bottom is made of H.C. Steel which does sharpness as itself and it cuts a root, stone & any other hard items in the soil.

Hay Bailer/Round Straw Baler

This newly developed machine is used for collecting wrapping and baling variety of material such as rice and wheat straw hay & forage. With the hydraulic mechanism, the machine can open the tailgate and eject the finished bale automatically. The machine is reliable, simple in structure and easy to operate. The bale is small in size and easy to transport. Connected to the tractor with 3 point hitches, the machine has good mobility for working in small areas.

Rice Transplanting/Paddy Transplanter Machine

* Diesel Engine Drive with Self Start * Rice/Peddy transplanting in 8 rows * Only one driver with two helper can operate * Rice/peddy transplanting capacity 1 acres in 2 hours * Two wheels are provided with machine * One wheel with rubber tyre for road moving * One iron wheel for working condition in field * Machine saves time and money of the farmer * 30% more yield than manual transplantation

Shakti Crop Cutter

Shakti Crop Cutter : To save time and labour. It is very useful for cutting of crops likes rice, wheat, maize, bajra, parseen, sugarcane and other crops for animal feeds.

Shakti Power Tiller

Shakti Power Tiller : Shakti Power Tiller can be used in Trolly, Reaper, Spraying, Water Pumping, Pudding, Ploughing, Cultivations. It is very useful for all farming process in less cost and time.

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